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Quality performance of adhesive interlining
2012-12-31 15:18:28

Interlining and fabric bonded

1, with the fabric firmly bonded, adhesive FLAC are soft and full of elasticity, stiffness, after the bonding fabric surface wrinkle recovery soon.

2, adhesive with low temperature, shrinkage and fabric coordination.

In 3, an adhesive coated evenly evenly, sessile, adhesive without leakage, resistance to death, and long-term storage of adhesion.

In 4, when cutting cloth between the mutual adhesion, non-stick knife cut, non-stick sewing needles, sewing machine, feeding smooth.

5, do not damage clothing physiology, such as permeability.

Interlining and fabric is bonded to the essential condition

1,. Bonders : bonding machine generally has a roller type and plate type two.

2, bonding conditions: bonding conditions including bonding temperature, pressing time and stress three aspects. In a certain range of three interacting elements have contact. Raising the temperature, pressure, the pressing time can be relatively reduced, and vice versa. High temperature, pressing time is too long, is easy to damage the fabric properties and color, but also easy to produce adhesive penetration, the pressure is too large, easy to damage the fabric ( especially the appearance of light fabrics ).

3, the choice of adhesive conditions: in the mass production of bonding conditions before, must be repeated test, to determine the optimum conditions ( test sample, lining supplier shall provide bonding conditions for reference ).

Interlining and fabric after bonding. The stripping, if the hot melt adhesive lining cloth and fabrics in the equal distribution, then bonding conditions are appropriate, or to test. After the bonding surface must be smooth, no wrinkles, no bubbles, no glue penetration. After bonding, to peeling strength, dry cleaning, washing performance testing, test results to achieve the production requirements. Adhesive effect to the clothing style, characteristics and requirement of.

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