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Interlining effects and classification
2012-12-31 15:12:29

Interlining, knitted fabrics and non-woven fabric used for, ( or without ) thermoplastic polymer compound, through specialized machinery special finishing, used clothing lining to reinforcement, crisp and other effects, and fabric adhesive ( or unbound ) special garment accessories.

It is actually a garment fabric, outside of the inside lining, middle is the lining, so under normal circumstances interlining is cannot be directly seen, but usually requires the formation of stiffness, full of feeling, smooth transition, strengthening position, are covered by the lining of.


1, clothing given good curve and shape;

2, strengthen the garment stiff resistance and elasticity, enhanced stereo feeling;

3, improve the garment drape and fabric hand, enhance the clothing comfort;

In 4, an increase of garment thick, plump and insulation;

5, to prevent the deformation of the clothing, apparel maintains its original shape after washing;

In 6, the clothing some local reinforcement and reinforcement effect.

The industry says the garment interlining " skeleton " and " essence ", especially the modern novel lining applications, but the shapes of clothing and sewing get beat all effect


Use of interlining parts : the garment front sheet, inner welt, collar, lapel, after the film, bag, bag cover, belt, lead, cuffs, hem, sleeve placket, lung, stop, hem cuff fork fork, fusible interlining, spinning lining, non-woven lining, Qiantiao lining, double sided lining, waist lining trousers, shirts lining coat lining, lining, fur, composite lining ( according to different situation )

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