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Horsehair interlining, Heitan lining, resin lining is what? What effect is there?
2012-12-31 15:06:44

Horsehair interlining is also called horsehair lining. Divided into ordinary Mawei lining and core Mawei lining.

Ordinary Mawei lining with horsetail bristle wool interwoven with weft, or horsetail bristles as, cotton ( cotton blended yarn as the warp of the fabric ). The tail length limits, horsehair interlining width is narrow, production is small. As a result of horsetail bristle is very flexible, horsehair interlining not only elastic foot, soft and pretty, not easy to wrinkle and in the hot and humid conditions easy modeling, so the cauda equina is lined with high-end clothing lining. As a result of cauda equina lining is very hard, zonal cauda equina and meridional cotton and wool less friction, horsetail easy jab, and horsehair interlining should not be used for apparel buckle parts, and when in use, the best use around the lining closed.

Core Mawei lining is in recent years the development of products. The horsetail bristles with cotton coated and connected with a root, horsetail core-spun yarn as weft yarn production core Mawei lining width is no longer restricted by cultural shirt manufacturers, modern loom weaving, can also be used for special finishing, its use value to further improve.

Lining is made of animal fibers ( yak hair, goat hair, human hair) or wool blended yarn as weft yarn, cotton or cotton blended yarn as warp yarn and woven plain weave cloth. Because cloth with black lining, it said. Lining is characterized by stiffness, weft elastic, commonly used in high-end clothing lining, lining and so on chest lapel. According to the lining yarn thickness is divided into a hard type, light type. Thin lining suitable for thin soft pretty clothes, the warp and weft density in 31.25~ 62.5 between tex, some have adopted the combed yarn, cloth table

Surface finish and feeling can meet the need of thin clothing. In order to adapt to the navy military uniform, white uniform lining needs, to human hair, high modulus fiber filament and wool and other materials for screening, fabric made of white lining, known as the class of carbon type.

In general, Heitan lining and horsehair interlining are collectively referred to as wool lining. In recent years also produced a combination of stereotypes wool lining, referred to as composite lining or pad. It is with interlining and horsehair interlining primarily and auxiliary by chest hair, Qiantiao lining and cotton lining and other sewing are combined into a combined type wool lining.

Resin interlining refers to pure linen, cotton or blended hemp or cotton blend, chemical fiber fabric dipping resin adhesive made of lining.

This liner stiffness and elasticity are good, but the class suits hard touch plate. Mainly for the shirt collar or need special eminence shape parts. At present, will direct resin padding on the collar and the collar, or be replaced by hot melt lining.

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